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Internationally renowned London based artist Minna George has exclusively opened her studio in Central London for a range of Art Classes. A classically trained artist exhibited and sold worldwide, Minna will teach and advise competently in areas that other schools do not. The Minna George Studio, established in 2001 adopts a personal approach tailored to each individual.

Art Classes - available for those looking to acquire basic knowledge and skills in art, recent graduates looking to develop their existing abilities and experiences in multidisciplinary art practice and professionals looking to maximise their artistic potential. 

Business in Art - Minna’s professional career as a successful artist as well as an internationally acclaimed businesswoman in art is a unique formula for her students’ success. Her fifteen years in sales and gallery management has included family run galleries, large corporate galleries and esteemed private collectors who have found her an invaluable dealer. Minna will share her professional experience and work closely with candidates in her special Business in Art programme.

Distance learning - for International applicants Minna has personally developed a range of courses available through Skype which can be adapted to individual requirements. Unlike online courses this retains the personal touch which distinguishes Minna's courses from others.    


Art Classes & Courses 

"A course with Minna has seen my artwork develop further than I could have ever imagined" - Richard Chambers MA 

Art classes and courses are tailor made for individuals in various disciplines with the aim of reaching a desired level of ability and understanding.

  • Drawing & Painting from Observation 
  • Portrait Painting & Anatomy 
  • Landscape, Cityscape & Field Painting 
  • Composition 
  • Study Tours 
  • Social Events
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Business in Art Programme

"Her skills and work ethic are invaluable" - Getty Images

This course is designed for individuals and organisations looking to perfect their presence and sales performance in the commercial art market. It also offers an essential time saving and cost efficient training facility for galleries looking to improve their staff sales performance and further develop their business. 

  • Reaching Targets
  • VIP collector relationships
  • Sales approach and presentation
  • Artist Knowledge
  • Gallery ethos and representation
  • Gallery management and administration
  • Strategic business planning and development of VIP database
  • Managing and leading a team
  • Projects and exhibitions planning to timeline and budget
  • Conceptual art and space curating
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Minna George Studio and Photoion Photography School 

Minna George has designed a 10h Business in Art and photography Course exclusively 

This class is ideal for anyone who wishes to take their photography and art to the next level and actually make a living from it. The class will save you years of trial and error, connecting with unsuitable institutions and bodies, and making basic mistakes that could cost time and money.

This class will give you the links and resources you need to refer to in your career. It is for those who do not have time to study a full-time BA course in Business but would like to gain practical and professional knowledge within a few weeks, before starting their own creative business and making money from their art.

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Art Consultant to property managers and developers

Minna George, a celebrated artist and established name within the arts offers an unparalleled service to the real estate sector - advising, sourcing and curating art for premium residential and commercial spaces.

Minna is an independent art consultant, artist, curator and founder of market leading experience firm Art Experiences. As a former gallerist and passionate art enthusiast she has a competitive advantage when the requirement is to deliver a space unique in character and targeted to demographic or budget. 

Art can play a key role in enhancing the commercial value of property, a creative marketing approach with highly effective and tangible results.

Endorsed by Chartwell Group 

Services packages:

Professional     A full art consultancy, including sourcing, curation and installation.       

Bespoke           From concept to creation, a service matched to specified requirements.

Individual         Sourcing of artwork for any space, including challenging areas such as stairways.

Express           A service available for quick supply of artwork or consulting services.

Rotate              A quarterly or yearly rotation of artwork to keep your space unique and engaging.

From £500pm to £25,000pm.

Leasing            An effective way to negate capital expenditure (CapEx) by leasing artwork. 

From £350pm.

Contact details:

To contact Minna George directly and to discuss your requirements please email or call 07950 249465






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