The act of mark making, editing and compiling various techniques on the same surface always led me to new territories, moving through various stages with new challenges in a search of answers whilst also raising questions.

Drawings also translated into my paintings organically and often I include a drawing of a subject of interest to create a better representation in the painting. Drawing studies play an important part in my practice even when they are not used as a direct reference; I find that drawing aids my visual research of forms, shapes and ideas that at a later stage might come through to inform the painting. The excitement of drawing a subject in one line, with the confidence that it will look as anticipated, pushes me to challenge and develop my creations even more.

I choose to make my own paints from pigments and work on canvas or paper using mixed media with interests in experimentation, mainly by multi layering a thin almost transparent colour. The rhythm and visual depth achieved where the layers are more is the composition itself; ultimately the idea is to achieve maximum depth by adding and removing layers.